Alan Brash is an excellent screenwriter. I recommend Alan to anyone who is looking for a great dramatic writer who can meet deadlines.

– JOHN RAINEY: Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s “Best of the Best” Script Analyst

Alan is quite a talent.

– ANDY FRASER: Producer, former VP of Physical and PostProduction, Morgan Creek Productions

You’re very talented and I look forward to seeing more of your work and ideas.

– LARRY BRODY: TV Writer/Producer (Star Trek, Walker Texas Ranger, Diagnosis Murder); author: Writing TV From the Inside Out

You write great! Now it’s a question of what you write – but trust me when I tell you most people DON’T WRITE GREAT!

– BILL TAUB:  TV Writer (Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I, Relic Hunter, Barney Miller), UCLA Instructor

Everyone here really likes your writing – it comes off as very polished and professional. From the characters to the dialogue to the structure, the script received high marks all around… We’d love to find something with you.

– ERIC WILLIAMS: Manager, Zero Gravity Management

Alan is an experienced, accomplished and produced screenwriter, with an extraordinarily unique story of his own. I find Alan smart, eminently likeable and entirely professional. I look forward to following his successes.

– GARY GOLDSTEIN:  Producer  (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies)

Alan is an immensely talented professional writer who proved considerably helpful in a consultant role… His solid knowledge of story structure, character development as well as theme, subtext, and dialogue, allowed us to get to grips with the strengths and weaknesses of our project at an early stage.

– DAVID REID: Director; Lecturer in Media Studies, Northumbria University


I’ve found Alan Brash’s script analysis invaluable. He is able to not only accurately identify the areas of weakness in a screenplay, but also suggest intelligent possible solutions. His feedback and advice is uniformly clear, astute and, very importantly, constructive. I recommend his services.

– GRANT LAHOOD: Writer/Director (Intersexion, Kombi Nation, Lemming Aid, The Singing Trophy)

I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of Alan ‘s insightful script analysis skills.  In particular, he gave great feedback in the areas of structure and dialogue, where his discerning eye was able to highlight the issues that needed attention and offer workable solutions for the improvement of the material.

– ROBERT M. ROSEN (a.k.a. Robert Ozn): Writer, Co-Producer (I Witness)

Thanks for those comments you made on the script the other week. They have been very useful… You are an incredibly astute script analyst!

– PATRICK GILLIES: Writer/Director (Huhu Attack, Kitty, Offensive Behaviour); Director (The Pretender, The Holy Roller)

Excellent assessment, just what I was looking for.


Having taught in the Writers Program at UCLA Extension for nearly 17 years, I have had students worldwide take my courses, and I can say wholeheartedly that Alan ranks among the highest. He demonstrated tremendous versatility in analyzing a wide range of genres from comedy to action, and supported his solid arguments with sharp clarity and copious details… I believe his background in both writing and producing gave him a breadth of knowledge to draw on that set him apart from most of my other students.

– BARNEY LICHTENSTEIN: UCLA Instructor (Story Analyst Courses)

We used Alan’s script assessment services for our play ‘Eulogy.’ Alan provided us with comprehensive feedback on the play’s structure, the narrative and character development. He was very generous in sharing ideas and getting us to look deeper at our work. Without a doubt, the play is much stronger as a result of Alan’s work and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to enhance their writing.

– WADE JACKSON, playwright, “Improv Bandit,”  and author of the critically acclaimed JOLT Challenge