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Workshop 3

Alan Brash at theatre workshop, Auckland


“Alan is an experienced, accomplished and produced screenwriter, with an extraordinarily unique story of his own. I find Alan smart, eminently likable and entirely professional. I look forward to following his successes.”

– Gary Goldstein,  Producer  (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies)

‘Truth in Advertising’ strikes me as an exceptional entry in its chosen genre: it’s not often that one can read a romantic comedy and be genuinely surprised by how it plays out. So kudos to the writer/s for constructing a truly adult, sophisticated rom-com that’s fresh, funny, and subversive – it should delight a contemporary audience that’s hungry for something new. I’ve told a few trusted people of its rare nature (i.e. a rom-com project that I do think will get made), and I look forward to my prediction coming true.

– BILLY MERNIT: Script assessor, author of ‘Writing the Romantic Comedy’ (Harper Collins, 2002), script analyst for Universal, Paramount, Sony


Truth in Advertising one-sheet

Truth in Advertising – a new romantic comedy with a difference. Set in Australia and scheduled to go into production in early 2021.

Bedridden front cover compressed

Bed Ridden – a new comedy / drama from writer/director, Grant Lahood. Set in New Zealand’s Taranaki region and scheduled to go into production in late 2020.


Alan Brash with Marc Tyron (L) and Irina Schmedes (R), AFM, Santa Monica