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Alan Brash at 2019 SPADA Conference

Alan with acting President of the NZ Writers Guild (& fellow Guild board member), Kathryn Burnett, at the 2019 SPADA Conference, Auckland. Photo: Tareq Branney

“Alan is an experienced, accomplished and produced screenwriter, with an extraordinarily unique story of his own. I find Alan smart, eminently likable and entirely professional. I look forward to following his successes.”

– Gary Goldstein,  Producer  (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies)

‘Truth in Advertising’ strikes me as an exceptional entry in its chosen genre: it’s not often that one can read a romantic comedy and be genuinely surprised by how it plays out. So kudos to the writer/s for constructing a truly adult, sophisticated rom-com that’s fresh, funny, and subversive – it should delight a contemporary audience that’s hungry for something new. I’ve told a few trusted people of its rare nature (i.e. a rom-com project that I do think will get made), and I look forward to my prediction coming true.

– BILLY MERNIT: Script assessor, author of ‘Writing the Romantic Comedy’ (Harper Collins, 2002), script analyst for Universal, Paramount, Sony

Truth in Advertising one-sheet

Truth in Advertising – a new romantic comedy with a difference. Set in Australia and scheduled to go into production in late-2023.

Bedridden front cover compressed

Bed Ridden – a new comedy / drama from writer/director, Grant Lahood, co-written by Rachel Lang. Set in New Zealand’s Taranaki region and scheduled to go into production in April 2023.


Alan Brash with Marc Tyron (L) and Irina Schmedes (R), AFM, Santa Monica