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Be Careful… (short film)


Here’s what people are saying about Alan’s short film directing debut:

Gary Goldstein: Hollywood Producer – Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies

“Thanks for the absolute pleasure of your film. Your story was unique, surprising, different.  The pace and performances were very good.  And there was a wonderfully bizarre, ironic and smart humor to the piece.”

Michael Ray Brown: Top-rated professional script analyst. When he read the script…

“It’s great!  So refreshing to find an effective short that isn’t just an illustration of some joke. It’s really structured in three acts, like a feature in microcosm.  Lots of texture, poignancy, and manipulation of time in a way that makes wonderful use of the medium.  Well done!”

And when he saw the film…

“It’s everything a short film should be, and more.

Well crafted, superbly acted, tightly scripted, and just the right length.  Technical elements and casting are top-notch.”


Grant Lahood – Award-winning New Zealand director of film and television (The Singing Trophy, Lemming Aid, Kombi Nation)

“I loved it. Strong performances. Great look and feel. “

John Keir – Award-winng New Zealand producer of television and film (Bloodlines, The Singing Trophy, Lemming Aid):

“I loved your film. It looks fantastic. “

Poster shot Lisa Chappell and Craig Hall

Haunted by a dark incident from his past, Mike laments that his youthful dreams of adventure have evaporated; replaced with a tedious and sorrow-filled life as an adult. He meets a sultry woman at a bar and – against his better judgment – takes her back to his place, where they size each other up. He opens up to her about his unfulfilled dreams and she touches on a sadness that pervades her life. For a moment, they connect, until a thoughtless comment from Mike leads him to tragically learn the lesson that when the gods want to punish us they grant us our wishes.

Read the script here




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BE CAREFUL… represents Alan’s professional directing debut.

What Others Are Saying:


A very tightly constructed, well written short feature script with an ending that… contained a well working, ironical twist that I didn’t see coming.

– GÖREL HALLSTRÖM: Northern Film & Media script assessor (UK) and TV writer

Holy crap! The script gave me chills. I can’t wait to see the movie. Wow … very, very potent.
– RICK RAPIER: Screenwriter, Owner – Talking Sheep Productions

Finalist, Best Short Film Script: SWANZ – Screenwriter Awards New Zealand (2011)

Winner, Best Director: Magma Short Film Festival (2011)

Selected: Show Me Shorts Film Festival (2010)

Quarter Finalist (top 10% of 1024 entries): 7th American Gem Short Script Competition (2005 – earlier draft)

3rd Round Qualifier (Quarter Finalist) of approx 1500 entries: The British Short Screenplay Competition (2005 – earlier draft)