Short film wins an award

I’m very proud to announce that at the sold-out screening for my short film “Be Careful…” (and others) where I ran a scriptwriting workshop and was the key note speaker, my film won the Best Director category of the self-funded section at the Magma Short Film Festival in Rotorua, New Zealand.

I had a great weekend there and extend heartfelt gratitude to the fabulous organisers!


  • Hi Alan, I’m wondering if the short will ever be available in the US? I’m a Lisa Chappell fan and would love to see it.

    -Kathy in US

  • Hi Kathy, Thanks for getting in touch. Now the film has effectively “done the rounds” as far as film festivals go, I’d like to look into having it released either on the internet or by way of DVD sales. One complication is that I’ll need to clear the worldwide rights to a song I got Lisa to sing over the end credits by Australian singer/songwriter, Paul Kelly. It’s called ‘Be Careful What You Pray For’ and was, in part, the inspiration for the film. In all probability this won’t happen until somewhat later this year. But keep checking in to the website from time to time and hopefully I’ll be able to make it happen a few months down the track. 🙂
    Kind regards, Alan Brash Writer/Director/Producer – “Be Careful…”

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