Be Careful… invited to Magma Short Film Festival Rotorua

Alan Brash giving seminar on writing a short film script

I’m delighted to not only have had my film invited to this great up-and-coming Kiwi short film festival, but I’ve also been invited to run a three hour workshop on writing successful short films. (I’ll mainly be speaking from my observations of other people’s award-winning shorts; not implying that I discovered all the answers with my humble effort!) I’ll also be speaking at the screening on Saturday night (April 30th, 2011) which includes my film, “Be Careful…”

For any readers from outside of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Rotorua is pretty much the cultural capital of the country as far as tourists seeking to get a glimpse of New Zealand’s pre-European indigenous culture. It’s a tourist Mecca, famous for its boiling mud pools, gysers, and other geothermal wonders. It’s been years since I’ve made the short road trip from Auckland and I can’t wait!)

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