Long overdue short film update


The blog has been shamefully quiet for weeks (nay, months), so here’s an update:

1. The off-line edit is looking better and better with each pass. Nicola (Nic) Smith is doing a superb job – fitting it in between actual professional, paying gigs – including a telemovie directed by Simon Bennett, produced by renowned NZ film & TV production company, South Pacific Pictures, who made Whale Rider, amongst many others.

2. I’m in talks with various postproduction houses to do the on-line edit. Details TBC.

3. I continue talking with Kahra Scott-James from Entirely Sound about the sound mix, and also using her recording studio.

4. Musician, Eddie Gaiger, has come on board as composer/arranger.

5. Last week we recorded additional dialogue from our two leads (Craig Hall and Lisa Chappell) and our 1st AD (Tony Forster) who recorded the lines of the judge.

Hope to update more thoroughly when I’m over this damn cold! (Grrr… sniff, sniff…)

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