Lisa Chappell from McLeod’s Daughters


Can’t believe we’ve wrapped! What a feeling (to be dancing on the ceiling). It was a privilege to work with actors of the caliber of Lisa Chappell who has a reputation around the world after playing Claire McLeod for 70-something episodes of the popular Aussie drama McLeod’s Daughters. She was incredibly professional and it was a pleasure working with her.

The last time we worked together (apart from a brief cameo I did on a series where she was in the core cast, namely City Life) was when she played Portia and I played Shylock in a high school production of The Merchant of Venice!

I’d like to think we’ve both come a long way since then… ๐Ÿ™‚

Alan liaises with Lisa Chappell and 1st AD Tony Forster

Alan (L) liaises with Lisa Chappell and 1st AD Tony Forster (R)


  • Lisa Chappell wondering if you really did have the baby Charlotte on Mcleods Daughters? why where you raken off mcleods daughters you are awesome and i’m your num 1 fan i cried when you died I felt tess’s pain reply please .

    • Hi Korina, Thanks for commenting. I spoke to Lisa who confirmed that she personally didn’t have a baby; only her character on the show. Regarding why she left the show: “I left to pursue my music and other acting challenges” I hope you’ll continue to follow the blog and find out about the progress of the short film she stars in. It’s a great film; we’re just starting to edit it. I’m hoping it’ll be complete before the end of 2009. PS: I’m hoping to convince Lisa to use her gorgeous voice to sing one or more songs on the soundtrack… watch this space!

    • Hey Lisa I love the show mcleods so did my friend will we both cried when you died especially me my friend wil cried because it was sad how Alex put the ring on the bed and Claire died before she could see it.lisa you are my ital I wanna grow up just like you

  • Hi there, I’d love to see the film but please tell me what it’s called and how I can see it in the UK!
    I am a huge fan of Lisa’s and I heard a radio interview she did in New Zealand, she sounds incredibly grounded and down to earth, a really lovely lady! I would love to meet her but as I live on the other side of the world (literally) from her, I know that is highly unlikely! Do you know whether Lisa’s future projects are likely to bring to the UK, maybe theatre work??
    Thanks and please reply, I’d love to hear from you.

    • Hi Maria, Thanks for your interest. The film is called “Be Careful…” and is currently being edited. I hope to release it later this year, submitting it to international film festivals. Keep an eye on the blog to follow its progress. as I mention on another page, I’m hoping to use some of Lisa’s music and/or have her sing a song over the end credits. Lisa was awesome to work with. I’ve known her since high school. She was a total professional. I don’t know if she’s headed to the UK, sorry, but know she’s doing a lot of theatre and TV here in NZ. But as I say, keep an eye on the blog and let any friends who are Lisa fans know about it too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Regards, Alan Brash Writer/Director/Producer

  • Hello again and thank you so much for replying. I will certainly keep checking the blog and hoping I get to see “Be Careful…” I am a member of several of Lisa’s fan sites so I will certainly mention the film there.
    It will be great to see Lisa in the film, unfortunately I haven’t seen her in anything other than McLeod’s Daughters over here, so for the sake of Lisa’s UK fans please find a way for us to see it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks again, and next time you speak to Lisa, please say hello from all her UK fans – especially me!!

  • Hi,
    I know how it feels to go for music, I’m a muscianist myself I sing. pay Piano and flute. No 1 understands y i go 4 music hopefully u do and we should play together 1 time.

    hope your singing and other activities go well for you.

    Korina Laurie

  • Hi,dear Lisa

    I have already watched all the Mcleod’s daughters seasons like three times and I started over again last month,because the first three seasons are my favourite!Because you were there,your character meant all the Mcleod’s daughter’s reason to exist,and Tess of course,but without you it was not the same!I think it would have been better for the show to end after you were gone,because after all that seasons,there were no original characters left and it made no point,but this is my own opinion.Anyway…I just get really upset when I watch the episode with Claire’s death-it makes me cry everytime..;(
    I just want to tell you how amazing you are – a great actress,very beautiful,very charming!I love australian movies and tv series since I was little!I think that people should pay more attention to them and do not underestimate them in favour of the american ones!
    I would love to see other movies or tv series with you and/or the other actors from MD!And I want to thank you for making my favourite tv series…my favourite:)
    I wish you good luck with your future projects and with your life!All the best!

    Gergana M.

    • Thanks for your comments; I’ll pass them on to Lisa. In the meantime, keep an eye out at a film festival “near you” in the coming months for the short film “Be Careful..” in which Lisa stars. Regards, Alan Brash Director/Producer

  • Hi,
    I havn’t seen Lisa’s new film, just wondering when will it come to Queensland, Toowoomba,
    I hope to hear from you and you should continue your music career because it will help you in your life like it helps me. Your biggest fan

    Korina Laurie

    • Hi Korina,

      Will let you know if/when it’s available in Toowoomba. Thanks for following our news.


      Alan Brash
      Writer/Director/Producer – “Be Careful…”

  • hi there,
    thankyou for replying back to me
    I like Lisa’s voice i liked it when she sang to sir Rocko.
    Just wondering does Lisa to talk to the people that she did McLeods Daughters with? I wish I could meet with Lisa some day and with me and my mates. We all cried when Lisa got cut off the show. Why did she get taken off the show?

    Korina Laurie

    • Hi,
      I can’t speak on behalf of Lisa, but, as I understand it, she left McLeod’s Daughters primarily because she wanted to pursue other interests – including recording her CD. We have entered our short film (“Be Careful…”) into the Brisbane Film Festival, so keep an eye out for it there. Though we don’t yet know whether it’ll be accepted; we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll certainly blog about any festivals that accept us, so keep an eye out on this site, too for all the updates.
      Thanks for your continued interest.
      Regards, Alan Brash

  • Why is it so difficult to access Lisa’s acting endeavors in the U.S. ? I just watched MD for the first time and had to delete the last 5 seasons for the obvious emotional impact it made on me…one tough moment was when she had to shoot her horse, as I love animals, (sometimes more than people).
    Also, more Americans might buy her CD if she would make available for us to sample her tracks like most other artists do.
    Check it out and see for yourself–it makes sense and would help with sales.

    • Hi JoAnn, Thanks for the comments. Mush of Lisa’s acting work appears to be available at Amazon. As far as I know she’s never worked in the US as such – only in NZ and Australia. Not sure why she hasn’t put samples of her work on Amazon, but you can hear samples here:
      regards, Alan Brash

  • Hey Lisa I’m you biggest and number one fan I love the show mcleods daughters but it was never the same when you lefti was wondering if you are on instagram and what your account name is. Please answer back

  • Hey Lisa me again I wish I could meet you but I was wondering where you live because I live in singleton nsw and I’m going on the drivers run tour in gulgong

    • Hi Abigail, thanks for the kind words about Lisa’s work on McLeod’s Daughters. Lisa isn’t really “affiliated” with this site. I would suggest your best bet would be to try facebook. I know she has an account so maybe by following her on that you might be able to reach out? Good luck and have a great day. Alan Brash

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