Welcome aboard…


… to Celeste, our new make-up person, and Imogene, our new wardrobe person, and Bevin, our production assistant. PLEASE nobody offers these guys any work until after March 29th. 🙂

Final location scout with DP on Sunday. 1st rehearsal with Lisa and Craig (Fi and Mike) on Monday. Meeting with stunt coordinator same day to discuss killing off Corene (a.k.a. the lovely Narelle Ahrens). Possibly a meeting with the editor and the DP to discuss shot list one evening early next week; meeting Friday 13th (woooooo) with Matt Cunningham from DigiPost re Red camera workflow (also with Dan, DP; Gary, the editor). Sat 14th is camera tests with W/R fittings and make-up – got 3/4 of our cast there; in the afternoon, we’ll shoot a “pick-up” of the beach 1980 flashback – possibly with my wife, Shannon and myself playing Mum and Dad of Mike as a 7 year old (my nephew; playing alongside his older sister). Might also do tech recce of hospital location that day if we have time. Balance of tech recce will happen following day on Sunday.

And then it’s a week out from the main shoot! Still hoping for one more rehearsal and a final all crew production meeting that week.


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