Casting Coup


Well, the new postings have been rather few and far between lately, but for anyone following this blog I wanted to make two special announcements:

1. Due to clashes with other work, we’ve been unable to get Sara Wiseman in the female lead role (Fi). After discussions with her, we both agreed the best path was to re-cast. I’m delighted to be able to announce that star of stage, TV and film (including McLeod’s Daughters) LISA CHAPPELL, has graciously agreed to come on board. Lisa and I go right back to high school and even performed together in The Merchant of Venice. So to be able to work together all these (too many!) years later is awesome. Welcome aboard, Lisa! 🙂

2. Thanks to the generosity of director/producer Peter McCully (owner of visual effects house, Albedo) we can now confirm we’ll be shooting on the coveted, top-of-the-range RED camera.

Two bits of awesome news I just had to share.

Here’s Lisa:

Lisa Chappell

Lisa Chappell

Here’s a link to Peter’s company website:

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